About Me

In a nutshell

Philosopher, linguist, small business entrepreneurial type with an addiction to projects, an eye for graphics, and a fascination with Japanese culture, excluding all sorts of other relevant details.

Short Description

If you're really wondering who I am, you'll just have to meet me in person. I try to be a friendly individual and maintain a moral aura. My religious faith is my guide, and that sets a high standard for my life. You may see me as the quiet guy with wisdom beyond his years (I hope...), a calm smile on his face, and a daydream on his mind, assuming I'm not busy crunching away on one of my intensive projects.

My most defining trait is being a deep thinker. Truth is very important to me, and like anyone who wants to share his ideas, I've managed to post bits and thoughts on a couple of philosophy blogs, which you may stumble upon if you are lucky or follow this link. I have a habit of creating blogs. God bless Wordpress. Amen.

Notably, I'm an all around creative type - writer, painter, programmer (to name a few) - and a fractal fanatic. To that end, I've dedicated a page on this site to fractals. I've created hundreds of fractals, a few of which can be seen in my gallery. It's fun and addicting, but rendering is really slow.

Professional Info

My employment history is generally in small business, and I believe I am most effective in this setting. I have been in a number of industries, acting as Quality Assurance Manager, Creative Consultant/Co-Director for animation, and Computational Chemistry Researcher (internship), among other things, and I was elected CTO of a small Android app startup.